Our Beers

Our Staple Beers.

Penrith Lager – The Penrith summer is not just hot… It is dam hot. Rusty Penny Pilsner is brewed for those dam hot days when you need something refreshing and light after mowing that lawn that just won’t stop growing. Considered a mid strength easy drinker, is it crisp, simple and very sessionable. Brewed with the palest Australian artesian malts and european hops it is light on the pallet and goes with all foods. 

The Nepean – ‘THE BEER OF PENRITH’ This is our gateway Craft Pale Ale, brewed with all Australian ingredients. It is designed so be sessionable, light and easy drinking with just a hint of malt sweetness and a medium hop backbone so you know it is there but its not overpowering. The NSW grown malt and tassie hops makes this beer perfect for any occasion.

Pale James – The flagship beer of every brewery. Our pale ale is robust with a big malt backbone and balanced hop flavour and aroma. We have made sure we included those big American hops to hit the brief and make this ale full of citrus and resin flavours. It finishes a tad sweet on the pallet with a smooth mouth feel. Just an all round great beer. Well at least we think so. 

The Penny – The one of the hop heads. The malt that is used to reach the higher ABV and give this ale its heat and full bodied mouth feel, is hidden behind those massive additions of big floral hops late in the brewing process. It finishes sweet with lingering flavours of passion and grapefruits and a moderate level of spice from the american hops coupled with the esters from the carefully chosen house yeast.  

Red Beard – This beautiful russet red English style ale is very sessionable. A sweet biscuit malt backbone, heavy bodied and extremely smooth mouthfeel makes this beer enjoyable time and time again. Filled with toffee and dark fruit flavours, we tried to keep this beer simple and elegant. A perfect beer to accompany a hearty meal. 

Nostalgia Stout – The oldest beer in our collection. We have been brewing this beer since 2007 and nailed it so early on it has hardly changed. Very very malty with coffee, burnt toast and bread flavours. It has a healthy amount of English hops to balance the beer out perfectly. If you’re a dark ale fan, and always chasing those big flavour beers, this one’s for you.    

Just Cider – Everyone has a mate who doesn’t drink beer but loves the feel of hanging out at a brewery surrounded by vats and good people. So we made cider. It is simple, crisp and dry. It goes with any food and is very very refreshing.