Brewery Experience

Brewery Experience

Coming to Rusty Penny January 2024 we’re finally launching our Brewery Experience tours. Come alone, bring some mates, or if you’re feeling generous, this would make an awesome gift for your favourite beer nerd. Check out the below for what to expect and check back for updates.

Get in early and buy your tickets now. As we get closer to January, we’ll get in touch with available session dates and get you booked in.


Welcome to Rusty Penny

Grab a cold frothy one from one of our 24 taps on arrival to kick things off and learn our history from two mates’ humble beginnings brewing in a garage to opening Penrith’s first microbrewery to the massive venue we now have.

Meet Your Maker

Aspiring brewer looking for some inspiration? Get to know our brewers and how they got into this business.

Brewing Process

What’s involved in creating a great beer? Get the lowdown on how we choose what style of beer to brew and break down the process and learn how methods and ingredients (like hops) have evolved over time.

Tech Specs

Bit of a gear head or just appreciate shiny things? We’ll explain the hardware elements and technology we use every day to brew batches of the boozy stuff you love.

Not Just Beer

Yeah, we don’t just make beer. Maybe you’re not as much a beer nerd as your mates. That’s cool because we’ll also have a chat about our hard seltzers, ginger beer and lemonade, moonshine, vodka and gin. We have you covered.

Beer, Bites & Banter

By now you’ve got the thirst… maybe a little hungry too. After the tour you’ll get to enjoy a selection of our favorite tasters from the taps and some BBQ bites from the kitchen for a Q & A session where you can pick the brains of our brewer and talk smokey shop with our chef.

Thanks for Coming

We’re all done. But you don’t have to go home right away. There’s a bunch more beer and brisket to try. Stick around and play some pool, video games, corn hole or hang out. Well give you a Rusty Penny gift pack to take home to commemorate the day including 10% off any take away tinnies.