Tap NumberBeer NameBeer StyleAlcohol Percent
Tap 1Penrith LagerLager4.50%
Tap 2The NepeanAussie Pale4.50%
Tap 3Pale JamesAmerican Pale5.40%
Tap 4Penrith Walker XPAXPA5.50%
Tap 5High Street HazeNEIPA6.50%
Tap 6The PennyIPA7.20%
Tap 7Red BeardIrish Red Ale4.50%
Tap 8Nostalgia StoutIrish Stout5.80%
Tap 9Pineapple CiderPineapple Cider3.5%
Tap 10Crisp Ciderdry cider5.20%
Tap 11Hard Ginger Beeralcoholic soft drink style ginger beer4.50%
Tap 12Giddy Up!Pacific Ale3.50%
Tap 13Cloudy Ciderslightly sweet cider4.20%
Tap 14Sunny DropMid strength NEIPA single hopped with Nectaron3.50%
Tap 15Dark LagerBelgium Dunkel4.5%
Tap 16Black IPA 

Black IPA

Tap 17Watermelon Seltzer Watermelon Seltzer4.00%
Tap 18Raspberry Dragonfruit Gose

Salty Sour

Tap 19   
Tap 20   
Tap 21Rye Pale AleRye Pale4.50%
Tap 22Hard Pub SquashAlcoholic Traditional Lemonade/ Pub Squash4.50%
Tap 23Coffee Coconut Pale AleA Pale Ale, with a bunch of Flaked Coconut, and roasted coffee from out local roaster Underground Coffee.5.80%
Tap 24Santa’s Cold OneHard Ginger Beer with a Lemon Twist6.50%